by Alexandra Raphling, Editor-in-Chief of Encode Justice publication and Sneha Revanur, Founder/President of Encode Justice

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Encode Justice (; ) is a global, youth-led organization fighting for justice under…

Image credit: Electronic Frontier Foundation.

The following principles unite the coalition members at the Electronic Frontier Alliance and also guide our work at Encode Justice:

  1. Free Expression
    People should be able to speak their minds to whoever will listen.
  2. Security
    Technology should be trustworthy and answer to its users.
  3. Privacy
    Technology should allow private and anonymous speech, and allow users to set their own parameters about what to share with whom.
  4. Creativity
    Technology should promote progress by allowing people to build on the ideas, creations, and inventions of others.
  5. Access to Knowledge
    Curiosity should be rewarded, not stifled.
    We uphold these principles by fighting for transparency and freedom in culture, code, and law.

At Encode Justice, we work to safeguard civil rights and democracy under artificial intelligence, and wholeheartedly endorse these principles as crucial guidelines for the digital age.

Image credit: St. Louis Public Radio.

Last summer, as an intern for now-Congresswoman Cori Bush’s U.S. House campaign, I spoke to thousands of St. Louis voters, providing COVID-19 resources and making the case for a transformative legislative platform headlined by Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, and comprehensive criminal justice reform. Cori’s calls for structural…

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Encode Justice () is a global, youth-led coalition working to safeguard civil rights and democracy in the age of artificial intelligence through policy development, legislative advocacy, community organizing, technical workshops, and content creation.

Dangerous algorithms are…

Sneha Revanur

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